The Arctic Ruby® Oil Company

The Arctic Ruby Oil® Company is North America’s single source for obtaining Arctic Ruby® Oil. We are in partnership with the only company in the world licensed by the Norwegian government to harvest calanus finmarchicus from which Arctic Ruby® Oil is derived. We encapsulate, package, and ship Arctic Ruby® Oil directly to you. There are no wholesalers or middlemen. Our team has been in the nutritional supplement business for more than 35 years. Quality control and customer service is our passion. We process and ship orders within 24hrs of receiving them. We keep our customers updated on the latest research on Arctic Ruby® Oil, and all aspects of the Arctic Ruby@ Oil experience. The Arctic Ruby® Oil Company was formed in 2012. We have enjoyed tremendous growth. As more and more people experience the incredible health benefits that only Arctic Ruby® Oil delivers we will continue to provide our clients with the best possible customer service. We welcome your feed back. Please call us at 800-446-3063 or contact us at