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Arctic Ruby® Oil from Calanus finmarchicus, is not only the world’s most powerful marine oil, it’s the world’s purest.

Purity Matters™

Pure Water

Calanus finmarchicus is found in the pristine waters of the North Atlantic, virtually pollutant free.

True Vegetarian

Calanus finmarchicus is a true vegetarian and only eats phytoplankton!

Mostly Oil

The ruby red oil found in Calanus can be as much as 78% of its body weight.

Solvent Free

The oil extraction process is gently done without solvents or harsh chemicals.

Sustainability Matters

Unlike fish oil or krill oil there are no sustainability issues with Arctic Ruby® Oil. Calanus finmarchicus forms one of the world’s largest biomasses with most of it going to yearly spoilage. It renews every year and the harvesting of Arctic Ruby® Oil is strictly limited. There’s simply no chance of over harvesting as is the case with fish oil and krill oil.

Environment Matters

Arctic Ruby® Oil is harvested close to its manufacturing facility in Norway. The same can not be said about fish oil and krill oil.  Fish oil is produced all over the world from fish harvested outside of Peru and Chile. Krill is harvested in the Antarctica, and like fish oil, transported long distances for production, causing substantial environmental pollution.

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Arctic Ruby® Oil Reviews

"This product is amazing if I forget to take it I notice a big difference in joint and muscle discomfort. Can’t live without. Member for life. Thank you."

— Lina R., North Dartmouth, MA

"The reason I like it is because I have a problem with constipation and if I take one with a cup of caffeine coffee it seems to help me have a B.M. Maybe that’s not what it’s for but that’s why I use it."

— Judy S., Cumberland, MD

"I am writing to you about the Arctic Ruby Oil I’ve been using. I’m 83 years old and feel like 60 years old. I’m a retired veteran and when I take my blood test all my vital signs are good. Thank you."

— Oscar Y., Anchorage, AK

"I will be 85 in the coming month of May. I am a retired architect and lifelong tennis player. I have been taking Arctic Ruby Oil for nearly two years. As a result, I am still beating “kids” of 60 on a weekly basis."

— Seth E., Philadelphia, PA

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