Purity Matters™

Calanus finmarchicus, the raw material of Arctic Ruby® Oil, is naturally pure. In fact, it’s the purest naturally occurring omega fatty acid raw material in the world. It is a 1-year organism which is harvested at the age of 3-4 months. It therefore has no time to accumulate heavy metals and environmental pollutants like fish oil and krill oil. Plus, it lives in the purest water on the planet, and only eats phytoplankton, a true vegetarian.

After harvesting, Arctic Ruby® Oil’s pureness is further preserved by immediate on-board freezing of Calanus finmarchicus. The oil extraction process is gently done without solvents, whereas most fish oils are extracted by solvents like ethanol and occasionally acetone, further contributing to its contamination. 

As for Arctic Ruby® Oil’s sustainability, unlike fish oil or krill oil, Calanus finmarchicus forms the world largest biomass with most of it going to yearly spoilage. It renews every year and the harvesting of Arctic Ruby® Oil is strictly limited. There’s simply no chance of over harvesting as is the case with fish oil and krill oil. Plus, Arctic Ruby® Oil is harvested close to its manufacturing facility in Norway. The same can not be said about fish oil and krill oil.  Fish oil is produced all over the world from fish harvested outside of Peru and Chile. Krill is harvested in the Antarctic, and like fish oil, transported long distances for production, causing more pollution. The purity and sustainability problems with fish oil and krill oil contributed greatly to Arctic Ruby® Oil’s soaring sales. Purity matters.