Arctic Ruby Oil 39.95
Arctic Ruby Oil 39.95
Arctic Ruby Oil 39.95
Arctic Ruby Oil 39.95

Arctic Ruby Oil 39.95

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A Health Game Changer!

It’s hard to imagine that your health could be so dramatically improved by simply ingesting a small amount of oil (Arctic Ruby® Oil) produced by a tiny sea organism, Calanus Finmarchicus, found abundantly in the North Atlantic, but it’s true! Arctic Ruby® Oil improves heart health, blood pressure, glucose tolerance, and endurance. It reduces visceral fat, and inflammation. It strengthens your immune response, and more. No other marine oil can do what Arctic Ruby® oil can do. Not fish oil, not krill oil. Here’s why:

Calanus finmarchicus is literally the life force of the most dynamic and diverse oceanic eco-systems in the world. Eighty percent of Calanus finmarchicus’ body weight is Arctic Ruby® Oil, the main source of energy for myriad fish, sea birds and mammals. Think about this. The mighty bowhead whale, the longest living mammal in the world, (in excess of 200 yrs!) also has the strongest immune system known to science. It feeds primarily on Arctic Ruby® Oil! Research shows that Arctic Ruby® Oil is the Alpha of all omega-3 products!

Arctic Ruby® Oil is loaded with nutrients not present in other marine oils, more importantly, ONLY in Arctic Ruby® Oil are its essential fatty acids bound in wax monoesters. This is a big deal.

Wax monoesters burn slower than the triglycerides and phospholipids that bind the essential fatty acids in fish oil and krill oil. The slow burn allows Arctic Ruby® Oil’s essential fatty acids to be absorbed in the posterior part of your intestine (the sweet spot) where the important receptors are located that regulate fat distribution, glucose tolerance, oxygen uptake and immune response. Most of the essential fatty acids in fish oil and krill are absorbed before they reach the sweet spot. That’s why Arctic Ruby® Oil crushes the effectiveness of both fish oil and krill oil! As we said, nothing compares to Arctic Ruby® Oil.